Bonding silicone to plastic – medical device cushioning pad

  • Project requirements
    1. Bond a cushioning pad to a medical device
    2. Bond to a difficult to bond to silicone
    3. Bond to a difficult to bond to low surface energy plastic
    4. Accurate assembly
    Our solution
    1. Formulated bespoke silicone adhesive with supply partner (to bond to silicone rubber)
    2. Combined the formulated silicone with a low surface energy acrylic (for bonding to the plastic) to create a hybrid tape
    3. Developed a presentation with location features that allowed fast, repeatable and accurate assembly
    4. Designed an assembly method using a vacuum jig
    Key benefits
    Key benefits
    1. Allowed originally selected substrates to be used
    2. Single bonding product allowed faster assembly time
    3. Presentation and assembly method allowed accurate and repeatable assembly
    4. Securely joined two difficult to bond to materials with one solution