Bumper Attachment

  • Project requirements
    1. The customer is required to use parts produced in compliance with TS 16949 quality standards.
    2. Customer questioned the specified material by tier 1 manufacturer, due to its exposure to high temperatures from the positioning close to the exhaust of the vehicle.
    3. Although the customer provides a 2D and DXF drawing of attachment location on car body, there are no accurate part dimensions provided.
    4. Parafix are advised that there could be a design change later on
    5. Cost is a key factor due to pressure from tier one manufacturer for reduced pricing
    6. Easy application of component is requested
    Our solution
    1. Parafix are TS 16949 compliant and operate to a number of quality accreditations and practices.
    2. We advised that the material (3M GT6012 acrylic foam tape) was suitable to operate under the high temperature conditions. We also checked that the product was appropriate for resistance to water, automotive chemicals and could attach plastic to painted metal.
    3. Customer’s DXF drawing is used as a basis in which to create a DXF drawing with accurate dimensions of the adhesive components.
    4. The drawing, with nested part placement, is designed to ensure optimum yield from material to reduce customer costs. The four parts are placed as such so that just one tool is required.
    5. The four parts presented on one sheet also saved assembly time
    6. After drawing approval we produced samples on our X/Y axis plotter to avoid tooling costs and because of the possible design changes
    7. Customer approves the sample and purchased the tool. We produced first off samples to ensure profile and spacing is correct.
    8. Customer approves the tool and Parafix supplies finished parts that are presented with a tabbed liner for ease of application.
    Key benefits
    1. Customer cost targets were achieved
    2. Cost savings due to plotted samples and nesting of parts, using one tool
    3. Correct part dimensions designed ensuring reliable attachment
    4. Solution provided in good time through our rapid prototyping service
    5. Application efficiencies achieved through presentation of parts by sheet