Ostomy Vent

  • Ostomy vent project requirements
    Ostomy vent project requirements
    1. The component must offer a secure adhesive seal to a difficult to bond to medical film (MF)
    2. Must allow gas to escape
    3. Fluids must not escape
    4. Must remove odour
    5. Component must be easy to apply in hand assembly process
    Our solution
    Our solution
    1. Working with the customer we designed the patch, running various material trials, testing different material combinations and selecting the optimum products.
    2. We designed a venting patch made up of four materials
    3. One was a Versapor micropore filter material that allows gas through but provides a barrier to liquids
    4. Two was a charcoal filter that allowed the gases to escape, removing the odour in the process
    5. Three was an EVA material placed on top of the charcoal filter, to weld to the colostomy bag and to seal the charcoal so gases escaped in our desired location
    6. Four was a double sided high performance adhesive to attach and seal the patch to the colostomy bag
    7. We designed a complex multi stage rotary process, combined with our AccuPlace automated pick and place equipment to assemble the pre-converted charcoal discs to the Versapor filter.
    8. The design also incorporated a dry tab for ease of application for the customer’s assembly process
    Key benefits
    Key benefits
    1. The venting patch releases the gases, preventing the colostomy bag from ballooning, offering the patient more comfort and discretion
    2. No odour is released, offering the patient confidence
    3. No fluids can escape, again offering the patient more confidence and security