Waterproofing membrane in marine audio device

  • Project requirements
    1. Seal against salt water ingress
    2. Leave enough ‘open’ area for air and sound to pass through
    3. Component must be easy to use in assembly process
    Our solution
    Our solution
    1. The challenge was to maximise the contact area of the filter to the plastic moulding, and several sample designs were quickly forwarded, utilising our rapid prototyping CAD plotter
    2. Testing was carried out on microporous PTFE membranes to find the optimum airflow/water intrusion level, and once this was established, we designed the adhesive matrix
    3. We produced the component with a foam washer on the rear of the part to enable the customer to seal against the speaker internally, to improve acoustics
    4. We designed in location features to aid assembly
    Key benefits
    1. Three problems solved by one specialist adhesive part
    2. We met and exceeded all of our customer’s key requirements