Choosing the Right Material

  • How to choose the optimum adhesive material

    With such a wide array of adhesive materials on the market, it can be a daunting task determining which is right for your application. There are many factors to consider and with a full understanding of these, our experts can ensure you receive the right materials, in the right format, in a convenient and easy to use presentation, based on your manufacturing requirements.

    If a product isn’t available that fully matches your needs we are able to combine materials from a wide range of suppliers for a unique construction.

    Find more information on the key factors to consider below, or for detailed product information visit our product pages.

    • Bond Stress
      Bond Stress

      The stresses and forces exerted on the bonded area will determine the adhesion strength you require...

    • Substrates

      Information and advice on the substrates you can bond to...

    • Environmental Conditions
      Environmental Conditions

      The conditions your product are subject to will directly influence the choice of adhesive material...

    • End Product
      End Product

      Details of your end product help to identify material needs and complimentary materials...