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    • Parafix Stands Up to COVID-19
      Parafix Stands Up to COVID-19

      Parafix is helping to fight the pandemic by repurposing some of its production lines to making 25,000 protective face shields per day and various components for ventilators.

    • Cleanroom Quality Control
      Cleanroom Quality Control

      Our internal testing and schedule frequency exceeds the requirements of ISO 14644-1 Class 7 accreditation. However, we understand some customers...

    • Parafix obtains a Rotary Laser
      Parafix obtains a Rotary Laser

      As one of Europe’s leading converters, Parafix is always looking for ways to improve, innovate and modernise. The latest phase of our continuous improvement saw a Rotary Laser machine join our arsenal...

    • Bond LSE plastics, even in cold environments: Introducing 3M VHB LSE Series
      Bond LSE plastics, even in cold environments: Introducing 3M VHB LSE Series

      Since being launched decades ago, 3M’s VHB family of tapes have built a reputation as the strongest adhesive tapes in the world. 3M recently launched a special series of VHB tapes, designed specifically for the materials which are hardest to bond – those with low surface energy (LSE), like certain plastics, and those materials bonded in harsh conditions...

    • Ambassador Lindsay Visits Parafix
      Ambassador Lindsay Visits Parafix

      HMA Iain Lindsay OBE visited the Hungarian factory of Parafix earlier this month. He discussed recent investments in Parafix Hungaria Kft. with Mike Punter, Parafix Chairman, and David Krasznay, General Manager of Parafix Hungaria...

    • Silver Anniversary Trio
      Silver Anniversary Trio

      In late summer of 1994, Parafix hired 3 new employees: Vince Booker, Shaun Packham and Martin Chatfield. 25 years later, they are Production Manager, Production Team Leader and Production Assistant, respectively...